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Are you looking for reliable plumbing services in Kitchener, ON? Look no further than MTAC Plumbing. Our team of licensed plumbers is available to provide you with exceptional service for all your plumbing needs.

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Professional new construction services offered by MTAC Plumbing
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Very happy with the plumbing work done in an apartment unit in Kitchener. Reliable, trusttrust-worthy professional.

Bella Sheth

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Easy to connect with. Quick service. Tradesman who responded was on time and was both knowledgeable and efficient. I am well pleased with the work.

Dave Breznik

Quality job

Amazing service from Markus at MTAC Plumbing. Fixed our leaking pipe, did a quality job, friendly & professional. A great plumber!

Faye Leis

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Say goodbye to plumbing problems!

Our expert plumbing technicians are here to provide top-quality plumbing services that will leave your home or business running smoothly in Kitchener, Waterloo, and surrounding areas. At MTAC Plumbing, we pride ourselves on being a trailblazer in the industry, setting ourselves apart through a commitment to leveraging technology for an unparalleled customer experience.

From plumbing repairs to new construction plumbing services, our team has the knowledge and experience to diagnose and fix any plumbing problem — if water flows through it, we deal with it! With a vision to be Ontario's most respected plumbing and mechanical contractor, we prioritize your trust, safety, growth, and innovation, adhering to values of integrity, knowledge, punctuality, and honesty.

A skilled plumber addressing a clogged drain, employing all the right tools for sewer cleaning to ensure smooth plumbing systems in a commercial setting.

Why work with us?

Choose MTAC Plumbing for unparalleled expertise, personalized service, and innovative solutions, transforming your plumbing experiences into seamless, efficient, and luxurious endeavors.

Emergency Plumbing Services

Unexpected plumbing emergencies can occur anytime. We offer 24/7 emergency services, providing quick response times to address urgent plumbing issues, minimizing damage, and restoring peace of mind.

Customized Plumbing Solutions

Receive personalized solutions to your plumbing needs. We utilize cutting-edge tools and equipment to provide efficient and effective plumbing solutions, ensuring you benefit from the latest industry advancements.

Quality Workmanship

Experience superior workmanship with our skilled team, delivering lasting and durable plumbing solutions through meticulous attention to detail. Our commitment extends to cost-effective solutions, offering competitive pricing, transparent quotes, and efficient problem-solving.

Experienced Professionals

With years of hands-on experience, we ensure precision, reliability, and top-notch service, making us your trusted partner for all plumbing needs. Our team is constantly updated with the latest industry practices and regulations, guaranteeing the highest quality service.

How can we help you?

MTAC Plumbing is here to help you with expert plumbing solutions, ensuring optimal functionality, efficiency, and luxury for all your plumbing needs.

Plumbing Services

At MTAC Plumbing, we offer a comprehensive range of commercial and residential plumbing services tailored to your diverse needs. Whether addressing water leaks with prompt detection and repair to prevent property damage, upgrading outdated fixtures and faucets for improved functionality and aesthetics, or crafting bespoke plumbing solutions for custom luxury homes, we bring expertise and precision to every project.

Our services extend to high-density residential projects, where efficient space utilization is crucial, and legal duplexes and triplexes ensure compliance with regulations. In multi-story residential buildings, we coordinate plumbing systems across multiple levels for consistent water pressure and drainage. For commercial properties, our team provides routine maintenance to minimize disruptions and comprehensive plumbing services tailored to the unique needs of commercial establishments.

With preventive maintenance, we identify and address potential issues before they escalate, saving our customers from costly repairs in the long run. At MTAC Plumbing, we deliver reliable, efficient, customized plumbing solutions for residential and commercial spaces.

Professional fixing leaking pipe
Professional new construction services offered by MTAC Plumbing

New Construction Plumbing

In the realm of new construction plumbing, MTAC Plumbing excels in providing tailored solutions for residential and commercial projects. For residential new construction, our team specializes in seamlessly coordinating plumbing installations in new homes, ensuring efficiency, compliance with local building codes, and the long-term durability of plumbing systems.

In commercial new construction, we collaborate closely with construction teams to design and install plumbing systems in commercial spaces. Our focus extends beyond functionality, prioritizing efficiency, sustainability, and strict adherence to local building codes. By offering our expertise in these areas, we aspire to be the premier plumbing partner for various projects, whether crafting plumbing solutions for a custom luxury home, a high-density residential development, or a large-scale commercial construction endeavor. MTAC Plumbing is dedicated to delivering reliable, innovative, and code-compliant plumbing solutions across various construction contexts.

Renovations and Additions

At MTAC Plumbing, we specialize in transforming existing spaces with our plumbing expertise, offering seamless solutions for renovations and additions. Whether renovating an existing space or adding new elements to your property, our skilled team excels in seamlessly integrating new fixtures and systems. Our focus goes beyond mere functionality; we prioritize enhancing the overall aesthetics of your spaces.

From updating fixtures to reconfiguring plumbing layouts, our goal is to contribute to the success of your renovation or addition project by ensuring that the plumbing systems align with your design vision. Our commitment to precision and attention to detail brings functionality and aesthetic appeal to every project, ensuring that your renovated or added spaces meet your practical and visual expectations.

Bathroom remodeling services offered by MTAC Plumbing
Bathroom remodeling services offered by MTAC Plumbing

High-End White Glove Service

Our dedicated team offers personalized assistance, ensuring every fixture is meticulously curated to reflect your unique style and vision. From the selection of high-end fixtures to the intricacies of design, we bring a touch of sophistication to every detail, transforming your space into a masterpiece that embodies both functionality and opulence.

At MTAC Plumbing, our commitment to excellence extends to providing a seamless and distinguished service. Experience luxury and craftsmanship with our high-end white glove service, where every detail is perfectly crafted.

Innovative Heating Solutions

Embark on a journey into the future of comfort with MTAC Plumbing's innovative heating services, where we redefine warmth and coziness through specialized offerings in in floor heating and hydronic plumbing. Our cutting-edge solutions go beyond traditional heating methods, introducing you to a new level of comfort and efficiency.

In floor heating, experience the luxury of even, radiant warmth from beneath your feet. Our specialized systems transform your living or commercial spaces into cozy havens, eliminating cold spots and providing a consistent and soothing temperature.

Innovative heating solution services offered by MTAC Plumbing

Additional Services

Explore our array of additional services, tailored to meet diverse plumbing needs, encompassing everything from specialized installations to innovative solutions for a comprehensive plumbing experience.

A professional plumber providing efficient solutions to plumbing issues, working on a leaky faucet under a kitchen sink for residential and commercial customers.

Drain Cleaning Services

At MTAC Plumbing, we understand the inconvenience caused by slow drains and sewer backups. Our drain cleaning services provide a swift and effective solution to these issues. Using advanced techniques, our skilled team tackles clogs and addresses sewer line issues, ensuring efficient drainage and minimizing disruptions for you.

We prioritize clearing immediate blockages and implementing measures to prevent future issues, offering a comprehensive and lasting solution to maintain optimal plumbing functionality. With our expertise in drain cleaning, we strive to provide a hassle-free and efficient experience for you, ensuring smooth drainage and uninterrupted daily activities.

Professional fixing water heater

Water Heater Repair and Installation

At MTAC Plumbing, we address the inconvenience of an inconsistent hot water supply or a malfunctioning water heater with our expert water heater repair and installation services. Our skilled team swiftly diagnoses and repairs water heater issues, ensuring that you have a reliable and efficient hot water supply.

Beyond repairs, we also offer installation services, providing energy-efficient and dependable water heating systems tailored to your needs. Whether you're facing issues with your current water heater or looking to upgrade to a more efficient system, our comprehensive services aim to deliver optimal performance and long-term reliability for your water heating needs.

Pipe repair services offered by MTAC Plumbing

Pipe Repair and Replacement

When faced with the challenge of damaged or deteriorating pipes that can lead to leaks and water damage, MTAC Plumbing offers a comprehensive solution through pipe repair and replacement services. Our experienced plumbers are equipped to address various pipe issues promptly and effectively.

Whether it's repairing minor damages or replacing severely compromised pipes, our goal is to maintain the integrity of the plumbing system, preventing potential leaks and the associated water damage. With a commitment to precision and reliability, our services ensure that your pipes function optimally, providing a durable and long-lasting solution to safeguard your property from plumbing-related issues.

Sump pump services offered by MTAC Plumbing

Sump Pumps and Sump Pits

For the issue of basement flooding, our specialized sump pumps are designed to efficiently redirect excess water away from your foundation, preventing potential flooding and water damage. We install high-quality sump pumps that operate seamlessly to protect your property during adverse weather conditions.  In the case of inadequate drainage and water collection in the basement, our sump pits service comes into play.

Our experienced team assesses the optimal location and design for sump pits, ensuring effective water collection. Proper placement is crucial for the sump pump to operate efficiently and mitigate potential water-related issues in your basement.

Bathroom remodeling services offered by MTAC Plumbing

Remodeling Services

At MTAC Plumbing, we offer a comprehensive solution to this problem. Our team provides specialized plumbing solutions for kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects. Whether you're updating fixtures, reconfiguring layouts, or adding entirely new plumbing elements, we ensure optimal functionality and aesthetic appeal.

By integrating modern and efficient plumbing systems into your renovated spaces, we contribute to the seamless and successful transformation of your kitchen and bathroom areas. At MTAC Plumbing, we prioritize not only the functionality of the plumbing but also its harmony with the overall design, providing a complete and tailored solution for your remodeling needs.

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